asphalt & blacktop

We Provide for all Types of Asphalt Installation, Repair, or Removal:

Associated Paving will install a small driveway by hand, while large driveways, roads, and parking lots are installed with self-propelled paving machines. Each installation is completed to its own unique specifications that will normally exceed our client’s expectations.


In a completely new installation, the site is first inspected. Surveys may also have to be looked over to ensure exact property lines and even utility companies may have to be called to ensure a safe work site. Next, the site is excavated and all grass, concrete, old asphalt are removed and carted off the site. The sub base is graded and power compacted.
Next, a stone blend is then installed to a depth of 4 to 6 inches and is allowed to settle. This can take anywhere from 1 to 60 days. After sufficient time, the site is finally paved with hot commercial asphalt at a depth of 2 to 3 inches, depending on the load requirements. It is recommended that the parking lot or driveway not be driven on for at least 3 days.


Often the resurfacing an existing driveway with new blacktop is a viable option instead of a completely new installation. It really depends on the condition of the existing blacktop. If it is in decent shape, then resurfacing is recommended. If it’s not broken up, then, asphalt is a strong base for a new layer and there is less chance of settling because you are not disturbing the ground.


Asphalt removal and replacement may become necessary if an asphalt pavement has not had regular maintenance. Small cracks that inevitably form on the asphalt surface deepen over time, allowing water infiltration into the lower levels of asphalt. When water gets into these deep cracks, it can create holes in the substrate, structurally weakening the asphalt. These small surface cracks will also spread across the asphalt, then run deeper below those areas of the surface, so that large parts of the asphalt surface and their lower levels become affected. When this happens, superficial repairs are not sufficient to fix the structural damage. The asphalt must be removed and replaced.